Thursday, July 31, 2008

I was tagged!


I was just reading Jane's blog about her getting TAGGED and she called me out to answer the following questions.

What were you doing TEN years ago..?
Married for a year, bought our first home in Rancho Santa Margarita, working at First American for some awesome people, hanging out with friends and going out with my babelicious husband (miss those days).

What are 5 things on your to do list today..?
Take Kennedy to horse camp, read more of my new book "Pride & Predjudice" (my first time), start and finish my bible study workbook that I have to have done for tonight's study, pick up Kennedy from camp, go to bible study.

A Snack I enjoy..?
Garlic Triskets & Cheese, anything sweet

What would I do if I was a millionaire..?
Pay ahead for Linfield for the next 12 years, set up college funds for the kids, pay off debt, search for the perfect home that we will actually stay in forever, buy vacation homes, travel (summertime), donate to worthy causes, give to family. Oh and do some shopping.

Places I have Lived..?
Only So CA. Kinda dull, I know. Born & Raised in Orange, then HB (1st apt - not a HB girl), Newport, Tustin (temporary) Laguna Niguel RSM, Escondido (yuck), Temecula (finally home - who would have thought?)


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A FUN busy week

Though this is the first picture, it was at the end of the week. It was the best possible way to end the week. Uncle Matt came over and just hung out with the kids. They swam and played in the pool, Michael and he helped to prepare dinner, and played many games of cards. It was such quality time for the three of them. We love you UM!!

Sorry that I haven't blogged in a little while. What do I do with my days?? Oh that's right, I have two busy kids that I entertain, serve and chase around (ok just one that I chase around) and I wouldn't change a minute of it (ok that's a lie, maybe a little of it). As you all know, kids are challenging and without a "no-fail" instruction book, I get frustrated. Why doesn't the good old time out work for me? What can I do to get them to stop talking back? Enough whining Kerry!!!

We had a fun week last week. The highlights were the Wild Animal Park and bowling. Both were shared with friends and a new adventure. Kennedy and Michael loved the animal park, especially because they had buddies. Kennedy had Shianne and Michael had Brenden. I had Heather and Jimmy and I had a good time as well. It was a perfect day at the park... not too hot and the crowds were at a minimum. The highlights at the park: the kids feeding the lorikeets nectar out of their hands (one even took post on top of Michael's head), Heather, who is total freaked out by birds joined us because she is a great mom and wanted to share the experience with her kids. Sher is smiling through the fear (note bird on her head). Shianne joined "The Poop Show" with Mother Nature and dressed as a giraffe in a banana costume, Michael loved the show until a person dressed as a giant chicken came on stage - he zipped up to the top of the amphitheater, Kennedy had a blast hanging, girl-style with her bud Shianne.

Bowling was fun too! We were joined by the Shabro's and Lapierre's. The Moms didn't really feel the joy of bowling until the kids started bowling and the pitcher of beer arrived (ok we really only had it because "when in Rome" and truth be told, we only had about a 1/2 glass each). Savanna is quite the bowler! I'm telling you Jenn, put her on a league; who knows she could be on tour one day and make a nice living. I'm glad that I was able to talk them into going with us. Michael LOVED it!! He asks almost daily when we are going bowling again. We went out for pizza and video games afterward. It was a good time for the kids because the Moms kept handing out quarters just so that we could chat and hangout ourselves.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Last week was a very tiring week for this old lady. I lead a crew of 10 kids at vacation bible school. The kids were AWESOME, I was blessed with a great crew. I had mostly church staff kids so I had to bring my "A" game. Looking at the pictures I think that they had fun. I am truly blessed to be a part of an amazing church that hosts well over 700 kids from the community for FREE VBS. Sharing God's word and his amazing power (that was the theme this year). Power to thankful, to help others, to be brave, to live forever, and to tell others about Jesus.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting better every day!

Here she is with a big smile and the pretty flowers, bear and balloon from Aunt Shell. She was sooo excited to get them! She did let me take a few pictures of the injury, but made me promise not to post them on the blog.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

7 Stitches!

Today was tramatic for the Roddas as we had our first trip to urgent care for stitches. Shockingly enough it wasn't Michael.. it was Kennedy!! She was riding her bike, made a quick u turn and ate it good. Her chin was wide open and gushing; Kennedy was in partial shock. Darren said that her teeth were chattering and her eyes were gazed. She tried so hard to be brave when the doctor started the procedure and not move. She was really scared.

Now me on the other hand was calm, cool and collected (or so she thought). I sat and held her hand all while watching the dr. stick a needle many times in her little chin to numb it. It was really wide open and gross. Poor thing.

Not one stinking picture to show for it (although I did bring it to Urgent Care) because Kennedy was and still is adamant on not letting anyone see the injury. I tried and tried to talk her into it saying how she might not want me to take pictures now, but later would be glad I did. As of right now at 9:50pm she still will not let a camera near her. Bummer... a great scrapbooking & blogging moment!

Kennedy is doing GREAT and enjoying her Girl Scout Thin Mint Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Have a great evening. Praise God that she is okay.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Angelina's 3rd Bash!

Angelina is 3... I can't believe it! It was just well.. 3 years ago that she was born. I bet Lisa can't believe it too. We headed out to PV for what we expected to be a FUN DAY... we were NOT disappointed!! One small wrench in Michael's plan.. Mickey & Minnie showed up pretty much when we got there and wrecked it for Michael.. he stayed inside the house next to Darren until they left about an hour or so later. The rest of the kids thought it was super cool to have them there. I wasn't able to go outside to take pictures of them either. I wonder when he will grow out of this fear? He has issues at Sea World with the Sesame Street characters too. There was face painting & games (again missed it as M & M lead the fun).

It was nice visiting with the gang.. always a good time. I do have but one disappointment though.. I was dreaming about the AWESOMELY GOOD cream filled cupcakes that Lisa always has and yes you guessed it.. she changed bakeries; without consulting me first. Can you believe it?? I must admit the replacement cupcakes were delicious, but come on.. not on my time (love you anyway Lisa). The last picture of the jumpy was great because everyone else had gone home and the kids had it all to themselves!! And the big mice were gone!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Shianne and Kennedy are amazing together! They like the same things (mostly acting) and they are giggle bugs. Here are some pictures from a recent sleepover at Shianne's house.

They made hoop earrings out of bangles, they put on yet another play (oh the drama!), wrote in their diaries and giggled all night long! Kennedy is so blessed to have a friend like Shianne. They just "get" each other :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Beach Babe!

I just had to share this picture of my baby boy. Jenn took this picture at the beach yesterday of my little beach babe. Is he cute or what?!!

The New Recruits...

Michael is a member of the NYY fan club (not my choice) and they send him emails. Today it was for him to make a bobble head of himself in a Yankees uniform. He thinks this is the coolest thing ever! Too bad we can't order one.

And so the rivalry begins....

Kennedy is our Angel's fan and we couldn't let this opportunity pass us by without making her into a bobble head as well. She is a girl after her Mommy's heart. Go Angels!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holiday Weekend 7-08

Let's see... what a fun-filled holiday weekend we had! I took a few pictures of the festivities, but not nearly enough. We started the weekend off with an Angels game. The Angels did not have their best night of play, but the kids had fun. It was Michael's first Angels game. They filled up on the usual fare of hot dogs, cracker jacks & peanuts (the kids thought that it was the coolest thing to throw the shells on the ground). Next day we had this great plan to go out to Lake Perris with friends for a little boating and jet skiing, but the the lake was closed (too many boats on the water). Plan B.... come back home for a little pool time. Next day July 4th we played all day at the Hoffman's - maybe 17-19 kids in the pool! The big kids played water volleyball - NO INJURIES - Yea!! It was also our friend Mia's 6th (my Aunt Joan's too! happy AJ!). Fireworks were awesome, but Michael preferred to watch from inside as the noise was a bit too much for him. Next day Kennedy and I went to her first ballet. We joined The Rings at our local community theatre for Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. It was really good and Kennedy loved it despite the fact that they didn't talk or sing. She wants to see another ballet. To finish off the weekend, we joined 7 families for a fun day at the beach. It was my first time at Oceanside Beach.... not like Newport (we have been so spoiled) but fun none the less. It was GREAT with all the kids playing in the water. Kennedy tried boogie boarding with Darren and had a great time.. until she did a side over side somersault in the water (while holding on to the board). Michael was a little timid about going out far in the water. He tried boarding with me in a little bit of water on the shore. I know that he will love it the more we go. Sorry no beach pictures..... I was too busy making sure the kids didn't float away or get stolen (I am so paranoid). My friend, Jenn, took lots of pictures at the beach and I'll post them as soon as she forwards them on to me.
We are so blessed and fortunate to have such lovely friends. To my "peeps" Shabros, Hoffmans, Cavanaughs, Lapierres, Sturgesses, Rings, Fuerers - It was awesome to spend time with you this weekend. Thank you all for making life more fun and for always lifting me up. You ROCK!!

I hope you all had as much fun as we did this Independance Day. God bless our troops and all that have served our country. We are so very blessed to live in the USA!! We are so priviledged thanks to our servicemen past and present. Thank you!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Michael's 4th Birthday

Michael's family & close friends party was a complete success! He had the best time ever; I watched him throughout the day and he constantly had a huge smile on his face - that's all a parent could ask for.

We had Nana & Papa, Aunt Shell, Uncle Matt, Shabro's, Lapierre's, Ring's, and Hoffman's over to play. How could we go wrong there?! The kids took over the party! I picked up a "slip n slide" thinking it would be a great idea (I remember how much fun it was when I was a kid), according to Michael, it was soooo fun! But I found out later from a couple friends that it isn't so great for the grass. The jury is out on that one, but I think they were right!! Let's see... swimming, of course, took up the rest of the day. Michael could stay in the pool day and night if we would let him. The kids had fun showing us their "special jumps" into the pool and we cheered as if it were the olympic games!! The "older" kids (Papa, Darren, Barry & Jay) had their yearly pool basketball game (where was Hoop, Eddie & Scott?) and aside from a few minor injuries, they had fun. The kids had to stay in the jacuzzi to escape drowning or injury from the rough and tough Dads. Michael cheered on Darren; it was so cute (to me).

"Present time" - an abundance of gifts from such generous and thoughtful family and friends. WOW!! When I asked Michael what he wanted to buy with the money he received from family members who were unable to attend the party, he said he didn't want anything. He clearly received everything he could ever want. After some thought, he did come up with something.... a baseball glove for Daddy so he could play catch with him. I just about broke down when he said that. He is amazing!

All in all, my baby had a fun birthday