Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally! She's 30!

I can't beleive it!! Nicole is FINALLY 30!! Yea!
Joe & Nicole Negry invited D & I to their place in HB - "Palm Cottage" - don't you think it's cute when people name their homes? Anyway....we celebrated Nicole's 30th birthday. Nicole, the chef, cooked some tasty grub and we had fun hanging out.
Darren and Dan spent a lot of time playing darts (I loved showing Dan up with 1 "lucky" shot). I hung out with Casey catching up and also with a really cool new friend, Deana, who grew up in Tustin around the same time I did. It was fun. Later that night we moved inside and most of the want-a-be rock stars took the stage for a serious "game" of ROCKSTAR. Joe and Darren fought over the guitar, Nicole played drums (rather well, I might add), Matt, Dan and few other people took turns being the lead singer. I was a kick! Too funny! We finished off the night with a very slow game of poker. Dan and Darren decided to split the pot 60-40 (Darren got the 60) YEA!! At least I was able to play for free.
The kids stayed home with my Sis, Michelle and were spoiled. They didn't seem to miss us that much.

Aside from a little drama with Nicole and Dan - come on you guys!! We had a great time. I mean, come on look at the pictures :)

Just like the good ol' days??

So.... our friends Jay and Heather thought it would be fun to grab a bunch of us old farts and join some other old farts and go to the Def Leppard concert (yes, they are still around). WOW! Did it bring back fun memories of going to concerts and ..... having some fun. This time, however, we were very responsible (ok.. the girls were).

We traveled via limo, had great seats and sang the great old songs like we were back in the day.
I didn't notice that Joe, the lead singer, wasn't at the top of his game, but the guys thought so. I just know that it was a great night and I liked going back to a great time of my life, my late teens/early 20s. WE ROCKED OUT!!! If only you could have seen Jenn - U Go Girl!
I did have issues with the limo driver, but that's another story.
Thanks Uncle Jay! Had a blast!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's a Girl!!

Please join me in welcoming the newest addition to our family, Leilani Kisses (Kisses from Heaven). She was born on St. Patricks Day and is the light of Kennedy's life. Kisses and Kennedy are inseparable!!

She is a RagDoll kitten who is so kind, gentle and loving. She sleeps "on" Kennedy and Kennedy would have it no other way!! Darren, the non-cat man is falling in love with Kisses too!! Michael, well, Michael won't stop touching and holding her - that is.. when Kennedy actually puts her down.

Kennedy has wanted a cat for over 2 years and we made her work her tail off for Kisses. It was worth the wait!! Kenn sings her songs, reads to her, dances with her, pretends that she is her baby and pretty much loves the stuffing out of her.

My favorite thing about having Kisses around is watching the two of them cuddle up and sleep together. I'll try and get pictures and post them soon. I just don't like to walk away .. I love to watch the two of them.

Much love, Kerry