Monday, June 23, 2008

One Cool Cat!

Is it bad to think your son is the coolest cat on the planet? I hope not because I do!! Michael is such a crack up.. the things that he comes up with make me laugh out loud. This picture is of Michael and Kisses. Any chance he gets Michael picks up Kisses; it's not as often as he would like as Kennedy rarely puts her down. He came up the idea of the sunglasses and Kisses.

Our plan is to let his hair grow out all summer and see what happens, so please bare with me on any crazy hair pictures. Michael is turning 4 on Saturday; I am in denial.
It's just about pool time so I'll chat later. Have a blessed day!

Family Pictures

Here are some family pictures from Father's Day. Uncle Mark & Trevor, The Girls (Chris, Aunt Debbi & Kerry), The kids, etc.

Looks like we were having fun, didn't it? Well, we were :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

They grow up too fast..

It seems like it was just a month ago that Kennedy was letting me pick out her clothes at Gymboree and playing in her excersaucer and now look at her. She is growing up right before my eyes and I didn't even realize it. I was taking pictures yesterday and when I reviewed them.. BAM! There she was all 4'4" of her. Darren is in a heap of trouble in a few short years to come. Actually, he had his first experience with it a couple weeks ago when a couple of 7th grade boys were making suggestive comments when they saw Kennedy in the backyard. They were golfing and noticed her swinging. Michael stood up for his big sister and said something like "Don't talk to my Sister like that!". Darren hopped in his car and drove down to meet the young boys at the 6th green. He was puffed up like a grizzly bear protecting his little cub. Long story short.... the boys happen to go to Kennedy's school, but in middle school. Darren chatted with the boys and said that he would be watching out for them at school. I don't think that they will be doing that again soon (I at least hope not). It was a learning experience for Kennedy as we had the opportunity to talk with her about how she should and should not be treated by boys. She was so impressed with her Daddy and Brother that they stood up for her.

Isn't she beautiful?! WOW! God has blessed our family in so many ways.... health is a big one. Thank you God!!

BTW - I started this reward system for the kids where they can "earn" tickets for chores, practicing school work and good behavior. They can "redeem" these tickets for "perks" like staying up late, swimming, renting movies, having sleepovers, etc. It seems to be working just great, let's hope it continues.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Father's Day begins with the guys getting up early and heading off to play a round of golf. The girls stay home with the kids, lounge around, make breakfast, lounge around and prepare the feast for the hungry men when they arrive home. Uncle Mark, Aunt Debbi and Trevor came over and as always had a nice time. Eating and talking - can you ask for more? Darren's Dad, Ed has been such a generous and kind Father to Darren and myself. He is always taking care of us in one way or another. His family is first and foremost in his life. We are so fortunate to have him in our lives.

I think about my Dad and what it might be like if he were still alive. I like to think back on how much fun my Dad was. He let us do crazy things like have sleepovers on the flat part of our roof. We used to sleep on lounge chairs in sleeping bags and wake up to dew all over us. We would look at the two big sycamore trees and make out the images in the leaves and branches. To get up and down we used a wooden ladder that he made, I'm sure nice and sturdy. He bought me a pony for my 8th - we lived in the city and wasn't allowed to keep him. Dad let me keep him on the weekends in the backyard, but off he went during the week to a place in Norco to board. Did I mention that to transport Rusty, Dad took the back seat out of my Sister's car (a Chevy of some sort) and the pony's head stuck out one window and his backside the other. I could just imagine how that looked driving down the road. I could go on forever about the crazy stuff he did. I do know that as a kid we just don't appreciate what we have until we are older and their gone. I do miss the happy times with my Dad. He raised me after my Mom died and I think that considering what he had to work with, he did a great job. I wish that I had a picture to share.
I love you Dad. Thanks for everything.

And so it begins....

Summer is finally here! The kids began their break by kickin it by the pool. Yesterday with Daddy and I and today with Kennedy's friend, Randalyn. They had a blast and didn't get out until Randalyn's mom came to pick her up 5 hours later! Can you say waterlogged?!

Our "Award" Girl

Kennedy finished off the school year in a great way.... more awards! She recieved (for the second time this year) the HEAD, HANDS, HEART Award. This award is given to children that use there head, hands and heart like Jesus would do. They demonstrate good judgement, use their hands to help others and show a good heart for others. She was suprised when her name was called and so thrilled!! The next award was for PERFECT ATTENDENCE. She has worked so hard for this!! She wanted this award last year, but fell sick one day and didn't get it. This year she "bucked up" and made it to school everyday and on time. Mornings are tough around here mostly in part to Kennedy's love of sleeping in. She is so proud of this award.
We are very proud of her many accomplishments!! Her report card came home last week and again she excelled in ALL of the subjects. Thank God as we gave her the kitten she wanted and worked for (by good grades) before we received the report card. WAY TO GO KENNEDY!!

I'm a Teckie!!

I did it! I made my blogg look cool!! I am just so darn technical - NOT!! I totally copied and worked for like ever today!! I do have more work to do, but it's a start! I'm so excited for Summer. I can finally get some projects done - like update this blogg! Enjoy!!