Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer so far...

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while. If only you knew how crazy it has been. To give you a little sampling of our last couple of months....we are in the process of buying a new home, Hanging out with family from MN (my Bro-Gregor, Sis - Sherry, Niece -Lindsay and Nephew - Alex), No CA (lots of Cousins & Uncles), Long Beach (Cousins & The Best Aunt) and Iowa (Niece- Shaly, Meeting New Cousins, Soak City in Palm Springs, Beach trips, Girls Lunch at Ponte Winery, Tried to get a New Tattoo with the Girls..that's a long story, Michael's 6th Birthday, 4th of July festivities, trying to keep up on my training/walking, trying to pack, and trying to keep the kids busy and having fun this summer. So far summer has had many high points and a couple low points. We are a faithful family who relies on God to pull us through and lead us in His direction. This faith really helps during the down times. Fortunately, the up times out number them all!! God is good!! Life is good!!
Here are some photos of what's been happening...I'm not sure how I will choose the pictures to post. There have been some really fun times this summer!! Love you! God bless!

And you thought the photos would never end....We have had some FUN!!!