Monday, March 29, 2010

Let Spring Break Begin!!

Spring break has begun in the Rodda house!! Whoo hoo!!
We started it off with a trip to the circus. Who could deny our precious children when the circus came to town? Not me!
We met up with some friends at Islands for a little dinner first. Look how cute the kids look. They felt so cool to have their own table. Riley - 10, Kennedy - 9, Michael - 5 1/2, Lainey - 4 and Hudson - 1.. they had a blast!!

Yes! We did have a couple of cocktails before the circus.. wouldn't you?? Lori & Hoop, Melodie & Kevin and us. GREAT PEOPLE!! Love hanging out with them!!

The girls were two peas in a pod. They shared Kennedy's Ipod at dinner and sang sooooo loud. At the circus they acted like they were at a concert watching the Jonas Bros. They screamed and cheered. Too cute!! Crazy how they both wore hats too! Lainey and Michael had fun just being cute. They both LOVED the circus.. they laughed at the clowns and were amazed at the acrobats. Hudson... well Hudson is 1 and he likes to keep moving and exploring. Poor Hoop and Lori walked with him the whole time. Do you remember those days?? I sure do. He is so stinking cute!!!

Today (Monday) the kids and I (ok.. it was really me) woke up looked at the weather report and "had" to go to the beach. 85 - come on now.. it's been months (ok 2 months) since we have been to the beach. I love it! It's my "happy place". I called Jenn and what do you know.. she decided to join us with Sydney (Michael's BFF). SUPER STOKED!!! It was a beautiful day and we didn't want to leave. Although the water was freezing, the kids went in. They didn't stay in long, but they kept going back to it. The day was mostly building sandcastles. Jenn and I got burnt (opps!)The next two weeks are looking good!!


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