Monday, March 24, 2008


Kennedy and Darren joined fellow brownies for a fantastic 50's sock hop. Randalyn & Dad Jim, Devyn & Dad Everton and Kennedy & Darren gathered in a high school gym, donned in 50's gear and danced the night away. The Mom's were not allowed in the gym so we don't have any cute pictures of them dancing. Darren did take a couple of Kennedy in the hula hoop contest. She was all smiles when they got home. She and D showed me how they danced and how he flipped her over his shoulder. She brought home a pair of purple fuzzy dice to hang in Mom's car. Lucky me :)

How blessed Kennedy is to have such a loving, involved Daddy like Darren. He is the sun and the moon to her (and she to him).


Give them a club and they will play, give them a field and they will run.

My Michael loves anything outdoors. He loves all sports (that he has come in contact with). Here he is playing soccer and at the driving range with Dad. :He's natural" D says. Michael loves playing as well as watching golf on TV with Dad. Is it in the genes??

Baseball begins next Saturday. I hope he likes it as much as he likes the Yankees!


These are Kennedy and Michael's second cousins, Blake and Brooke. I think that's how it goes. It's Darren's cousing Shane's kids. Great kids!! They live in OC so they aren't too far away.
This picture is taken at Uncle Mark & Aunt Debbi's house in Cornona Del Mar. Their house is a favorite of the kids as it has a "theatre room" in it. We are talking movie theatre seats and big screen - way too cool!! This time we brought the Wii with us so that the "kids" could play it on the big screen. Hmmm did I say big kids?? Well the truth be told that our little Michael (3) kicked everyone's booty in bowling, tennis, baseball and golf that night. Such an embarrassment for poor Uncle Mark so much that he has since gone out and bought a Wii and the challenge is on! Apparently, getting smeared by a 3 yr old is a problem :) he he!! Can't wait for the re-match Uncle Mark!


Boy those Lazar/Carapellottis always know how to throw a party!! It started with a guess what... yes! a fabulous lunch (those people sure know how to feed us) and then a big old fashioned egg hunt. Beau and Lisa's house is really cool because the front and back yard meet up (a courtyard type thing) anyway it is great for parties as the kids as well as the adults have lots of room to roam around. Bringing me back to the egg hunt. There were maybe 15 little kiddos running around the yard searching for eggs and toys. Too cute!

The highlight for Kennedy was that she was able to hold baby Kylie. What a little doll.. so beautiful and so happy. Kennedy felt so important and loved every minute of it. She would have held her all day if allowed too.

After the party wound down, Gigi, Kennedy and Michael took to the jacuzzi for a little r & r.. ok really splash time. A great way to beat the 90 degree heat in Palos Verdes. Hey have you ever been to Palos Verdes? If not, WOW! what a beautiful piece of God's country side - you should check it out sometime. Ocean breezes, lush landscaping and a very nice community. Can't believe this exists in LA.


Some things just never get old. We had such a great time decorating eggs. Most traditions are new to Michael this year as he doesn't remember them from his youth (ha ha). He will tell you that he is 3 3/4 now. Kennedy showed him the ropes as they decorated eggs. The were having so much fun that Dad had to join in. He couldn't take just watching them - Go D!! We ran out of eggs way before we wanted to.. oh well.


Happy Easter!
What a totally fun Easter we had this year. We spent the night at Auntie Cathy & Uncle Larry's new home is Redondo Beach. The morning came fast and the one of the first things I noticed was the beautiful ocean from their patio. The kids had an egg hunt in the front yard and you can see by the pictures, the "directors" peering down from the deck alerting the kids of the eggs in the bushes, etc. After a very tasty breakfast we headed down the street to the beach where we played all day. The water was a freezing 56 degrees so toes were the only things that made it into the water that day. Michael spent the whole time playing in and running from the waves and Kennedy worked on her tan. Papa spent the day tending to both kids as usual. I know that he really wanted to build a sandcastle, but the kids had other plans. Uncle Beau, Gigi, Mike, Caesar not sure of the spelling but sounds like Chezerae - tooo cute) and Uncle Matt joined us. We finished off the day with an amazing dinner prepared by "Godfather Larry" - his famous homemade raviolis - LOVE THEM!!!
Beautiful day, the best of friends and the ocean. What can I say, but Thank you Jesus! He is Risen! He is Risen in deed!!