Monday, October 27, 2008

Blog Books ARE HERE!!

Don't know about you, but I have wondered if I could print out my blog pages so that I have a "cheaters scrapbook"... well... wonder no more!!
Go to and you can have your blog printed in a hardbound book - YES! I mean it! check it out!!!
I am so excited I can barely stand it!! A year of blogging is what I am thinking.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

HSM3 - xoxo Troy!


Finally the wait was over! HSM3 came to Temecula! Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last 2+ years, HSM stands for High School Musical and if you are over the age of 2 then it is pretty much their world! It's kinda like "Grease", but without the language and adult type content. Beautiful people in high school; Jocks, Princesses, Geeks & Nerds that become friends all the while they sing and dance. Disney's HSM 1 & 2 were only released on video, but HSM3 has come to the big screen.

The kids (and I) couldn't wait to see it and so on day 2 of it's release we went. Cleveland & Reagan joined us and it was AWESOME! Theresa (their Mom) and I decided that it was ok to have a crush on Troy (Zack Efron) because in real life he is like 21 (well for sure over 18). The movie had amazing singing & dance numbers! Speaking of dancing... Michael danced the entire time!! Reagan joined him for a few of the numbers, but last night was Michael's night! I couldn't stop smiling at my happy little guy. He was in his element. Kennedy and Cleveland were "so embarrassed" they thought they were going to "die" and slide down in their seats most of the show.

If you get the chance.. ok make the chance to take your kids or grandkids to see this great movie. You (I mean they) will love it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

And The Tradition Lives On...

Today was the annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Pumpkins, pig races, $16 train ride, corn maze and pony rides. The kids of course had so much fun. We are fortunate that last year we came across a local pumpkin patch in the wineries so we don't have to go all the way to Bates Nut Farm.

After the pumpkin patch we headed over to Cold Stone Creamery for some delicious dessert. Can we even call it ice cream?? By the time we add all the extra goodies... there is barely any room for ice cream. Not that I am complaining :) LOVE IT!!!

Tonight is Family Fun Night that includes nachos, pop corn, candy (from Kylie's party) and hot cocoa. We are going to enjoy these treats curled up on the couch as a family watching Dr. Dolittle 3. Can't wait.

I know that I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, but I'll save that for another day. Family Fun Night calls.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trick or Treat? So soon?

Yesterday we went to Sea World with our good friends, the Lazars, for a little bit of Halloween. The kids had a lot of fun walking around the park "trick or treating". We had a small snag when we got there. While Michael was putting on his costume the elastic broke in the waistband of his pants. We tried to fix it, but we were pressured for time (The Shamu show was starting in 10 minutes and our friends were waiting for us in the stands). Fortunately, Michael was a good sport and just wore the top part of his costume with his jeans. He still looked like a cute little penquin and got a lot of attention for his costume. He was looking forward to the baby penquins thinking he was their dad. Kennedy wore her High School Musical cheerleader costume and Gigi wore her Cinderella costume. Too cute!

I may have had the best time as I was able to hold baby Kylie alot of the time. I even wore the Baby Bjorn (once Lisa helped me put it on - how quickly one forgets!) Lisa and I got to catch up on things and Beau and Darren had fun messing around as guys do. Their highlight was that Sea World serves beer! Lucky them!?? whatever!! I can't beleive that I didn't get a picture of Kylie.. that's right.. I was wearing her! She is a little doll. The kids were so good. Good times. Good friends. I wished they lived closer.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Life of a Pre-schooler...

Last night was Michael's pre-k open house at his school. It was as I expected dull. His teacher is shy and not very informative. I asked her the typical questions like "How is he in class?" "What is he like socially?" "Does he participate in class?" "How is his behavior?" "Does he listen when corrected?" I of course got the standard answers.. "He is good" "He joins in" "He has many friends" "He is smart, participates in class and listens". That was it. Nothing more. Hmmm... I'm paying how much for preschool?? I was hoping for a little more.. maybe a few stories. I was hoping that she would take us through a typical day in class, etc. but nope! nothing!!

The doll above is the doll that they made of themselves. Do you notice anything different? Apparently Michael doesn't. Isn't it nice that children do not see themselves by color. There were several bodies to choose from: white, off white, lite tan and what you see here. Michael and the other black children picked this dark brown. He was specific to his hair color. He says that he has blond and brown hair.

Michael has a best bud at school named Grayson. Great kid!! They hug good bye, they laugh and play all day long.. that is unless Michael's one true love wants to play with him. Her name is Sage. Michael told me last week "Sage told me that she is in love with me" I said did you tell her that you were in love with her? He said "Yes!" I asked "who said it first?" He said "SHE DID!!!".

This last picture is off of the board. The teachers asked the kids questions about being at school. Michael's quote "I like all these people in my class and I like their shoes". Gotta love my boy!!!