Sunday, February 15, 2009

8 is GREAT!!

Kennedy Rose turned 8 on February 13th and she chose to spend the day with her BFF Randalyn. The girls had been looking forward to this event for weeks and finally the day had come. Randalyn spent the night - the girls acted out plays (see above - they were orphans), played AG dolls, rootbeer floats & American Girl Movies (Randalyn's gift to Kennedy). I waited until 12:02am to make them go to
to sleep (I let them stay up until her actual They giggled for a good while then fell asleep.
The next day we went to the mall, got thier nails done, went to Build-A-Bear to make their "twin" bears then to a movie "Hotel for Dogs" where we all cried - good movie - BTW. A little more shopping and lunch then it was time to take Randalyn home. The girls were giggling and giggling all the way home. It puts a big smile on my face when I hear them. It's funny how opposite the girls are, but how much they care for one another.

On Valentine's Day we continued on celebrating Kennedy's with the family at the new Shakey's Pizza Parlor. I had such high expectations for Shakeys as it was a big favorite for me as a kid. Well... disappointing!! Not old fashioned fun like it used to be. Small arcade and rude management. Very unaccomodating. Kennedy's and Michael had fun playing games and winning tickets with Daddy, Papa and Uncle Matt. The rest of us.. Nana, Aunt Shell, Aunt Kathy and myself visited. Kennedy's suprise and most favorite gift was Samantha, the American Girl doll that she has wanted for months now. We had her convinced that she would not get Samantha as she had retired from AG and it was too late. Nana & Papa made sure that their favorite Granddaughter, Kennedy, received Samantha. She was so happy and suprised! She recieved so many awesome gifts from everyone and had a fantastic 8th Birthday!

Kennedy's Favorites at 8:
Color: Purple
Loves: American Girl Dolls, Reading, Kittens, Horses
Favorite Number: 15
BFF: Randalyn
Dislikes: healthy food, Running, Big Dogs
Fav Food: Pizzookie

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Super Bowl 2009

What a fun time we had at this year's super, Super Bowl Party with our friends the Hunters. The party is held at Jackie's Aunt/Uncle's beautiful home in wine country.
They think of everything for everyone. The decorations, the flowers, the details - AWESOME!! The big kids (us) spent alot of time at the bars and around the several big screens while noshing on yummy food, finishing the night off with the barista making delicious coffee drinks.

The kids hung out outside playing on the 3 jumpers, eating cotton candy, playing in the really cool playhouse and running around the main house. Oh and the magician was awesome! He even had one of the kids float in the air - BIG HIT!! I think I maybe saw our kids 3 times the whole time!
The football above was signed by both quarterbacks and the money raised from the raffle tickets went to Michelle's House for victims of domestic violence. We didn't win the football nor any of the other gambling opportunities. Oh well.. maybe next year.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Girl's Weekend

I had an amazing long weekend with a group of amazing women!! I knew few and came home knowing many. My oldest, dearest friend, Kimberly invited us over to her lake house to get away from it all. Her goal was to give us the gift of friendship and relaxing. What a blast!! I was gone from Friday at 3 until Sunday at 5:30. One of the top 10 best weekends ever!! Women really do need to share with other women; be real; be open. No judging! Just listening and being there. That's what really stood out for me about these awesome women!! Kimberly I love you. Thank you for everything!!

looked at gossip magazines
ate the most delicious meal prepared by a chef
drank too much wine
crashed a boat (no one was hurt - all in good fun)
laughed some more
watched chick movies
went jacuzzing
did facials & hair treatments
sat in the sauna
laughed some more
That's all that I can share....wink wink

Hey is that the Go-Gos???