Monday, September 28, 2009

Blessing on the Harvest - South Coast Winery

The Blessing on the Harvest is a big event at the South Coast Winery in Temecula. Our Pastor, Scott, blessed the harvest and we were all there to celebrate. It is labeled as a "family-friendly" event and it was.. but we left our kids at home and had "grown up" fun.

This is a cute picture of hte "gang".. not so cute of me, but I had to post it. The gang includes: Tom & Cherya Cavanaugh, Kerry Guizzo and Aaron, and Darren and myself.This event was such a treat! There was live music, wine "blending" which is when you taste several wines, pick your favorites and blend your very own wine. You then bottle it, cork it and label it. Way cool!! There was a yummy buffet, tractor ride threw the vineyards (didn't make that one).. and more.
The most fun for the group was in the grape stomping competition!! Yes, we felt a little like Lucy did in Italy. It was definately much harder than it looked!! One person stomps (me, Tom, Aaron) and your partner unclogs the pipe holds the bottle to the pipe/barrel. Mr. Competitive aka Tom quickly studied and spoke to the previous contestants to help insure his win..NOPE! Didn't happen... poor Tom..NOT! I thought I was going to pass out from stomping.. what seemed like FOREVER was really maybe 5 minutes.

Kerry and her new beau, Aaron. He fit right in and she seems to really like him.

Awww...just like newlyweds...Tom & Cherya

The Girls!

Filling up the barrels for the next group of competitors

My buddy Cherya.. isn't she just so cute?!

A nice picture opportunity at in the vineyards before we left. Cherya took lots of pictures so when I get a copy, I will definately post. I can't wait to see them.

This is definately an annual event for us. What a great group of friends we have. So blessed.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Drum Roll Please.....

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please let me introduce to you Abby Reinke Elementary School's Student Council Representative for 2009-2010 school year!! YES! The "new girl" won the class election.

Kennedy had her first meeting today and was given this "special" Student Council shirt to be worn on meeting days. Today they spoke of upcoming spirit days, upcoming field trips and the upper grade elections. She was armed with a cute little kitty notebook and pencil and was ready for anything.

This is such an accomplishment for our Kennedy. The mere fact that she "ran" for office is huge! She first had to qualify, then the election was held with 5 other kids for the Student Council spot. Way to go kiddo!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

They Never Cease to Amaze Me!

My two beautiful children and God never cease to amaze me!! This picture shows exactly why..
As you probably know the kids started a new school this year. Darren and I had been stressing over it all summer. They say that we are not suppose to impose our feelings on our kids. They say "Oh they will be fine" "They are resilient". They say to "let God handle it". Well, I must admit that no matter what I was told; logical or not, I still stressed. Worried. Cryed. I did pray and pray and pray.
In the above picture, Kennedy is pointing at her brain. That has how she has been her whole life. She is typically academic not social. This has been a worry for me becuase she doesn't make a lot of friends in a large group. She observes. She behaves somewhat shy with kids and adults. This was a big one for me thinking how it would be at a new school - A HUGE school.

Michael in the picture is acting crazy. Don't get me wrong.. he is a big sweetie pie. However, lately he has been acting more and more boyish and crazy!! Teachers & Coaches have always commented on how much they enjoy Michael in their class. Both Darren and I wondered how it would be this year.
Well folks.... yesterday was an amazing day for us. First, Michael's teacher informed me that Michael would be recieving an award in front of the whole school tomorrow. WHAT?! She said that it is part of their "Pyramid of Success" for either academics or character. She said that he is receiving this award because he is ALWAYS ENTHUSIASTIC about EVERYTHING! Small or big.. he is the one to get excited and that it is contagious. He comes with a smile everyday. He is a wonderful boy!!
THEN.... when I picked up Kennedy from school. She gets in the car with a huge grin on her face (This happens frequently because she LOVES her new school and friends).. I ask her how her day was, etc. She says "Mommy, you won't believe what I am going to do!" "What?" I say. She says "I am running for Student Council at school!!" "And when I am in 5th grade I want to be ASB President!" OK.. WHAT?!! Did I pick up the wrong child? She continued with great joy, telling me all about Student Council and how the election works. Her ideas for slogans and posters, etc.
When I got home and had the chance to process all of the days news, I just had to thank the Lord. He told me "I told you I got it!" "Why did you have to go and worry yourself so much?" HAVE FAITH!! I cry as I write this. It really is a big deal to me; to our family. Friends and Family, thank you for all your support and prayers through all our transitions. You have been positive when I just didn't have it in me.
I am so very proud of Kennedy and Michael. What amazing gifts they are!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lake Mead 2009

The kids had an endless amount of adventures this week in Lake Mead. Jet-skiing, tubing, (The Green Meanie - this thing FLYS! ok not really but it's so hard), knee boarding, boating, swimming in both of our own private coves, etc.... We stayed at a really cool place called Temple Bar. It's in the middle of NOWHERE! Has it's own motel, docks, restaurant, trailer park, gift shop, gas station, etc. People are on waiting lists for over 30 years to get a perm. trailer spot. People hand it down to family then the other owners in the part get a chance to bid on the spot. It would be really cool to have a spot there... Someday :) Our kids are on the list!
The fun part of fishing was casting & reeling. Michael doesn't quite have the patience of his Dad;
his Mom maybe, but definately not his Dad.
Virgin Margs.... or are they??

Both kids gave skiing a try. Michael could have gone all day (he thought), but we had to give him a break and give others a turn. He really got up once, but a technical mishap ended his ride (sea-doo operator error..) Kennedy almost got up, but those long legs just got in the way. It's a long way up from the sitting position to the standing position. Yep! There is always next year! They both loved it.

One of our coves.. this was completely under water a couple of years ago. It was beautiful. This picture doesn't do it justice. The water is so clear and a gorgeous green-blue.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends as the Rings. Another AWESOME vacation!!