Friday, May 29, 2009

He Did It!!

This was a BIG week for Michael. First, after months of patiently (not so much) waiting to get the covetted "game ball", Michael got it!! A game ball is awarded after each game to the player that demonstrates hard work, good sportsmanship and determination (yes, he could have received the ball at just about every game). With Darren being the Manager and Head Coach we thought it best to wait a little bit before Michael got the ball. He was SOOOO EXCITED!!! Well Done M-Rodd!!

This is Chris, the Assist Coach making a big speech before telling the kids who would get the ball. See Michael in the back with his hands behind his head. That's how he concentrates/thinks.

The next BIG accomplishment is that Michael finally rides his bike without training wheels!! He could have done this forever ago, but he thought that he was just not ready. It took all of 30 seconds and he was riding like he had been doing it for years. He started doing tricks in a matter of minutes. Seriously! I can't believe that he is about to turn 5 and start kindergarten. WOW!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Celebration with Friends

Happy Birthday to me and Happy Anniversary to Kimi & Chris!
"The Gang" headed out to Rancho Mirage (without kids..ok Kelly, David & Tommy went) to the beautiful Aqua Caliente Resort & Casino. What a beautifully perfect weekend we had.

Darren, Tom, Cherya and I arrived on Friday and spent the evening and early morning dancing the night away. The "lounge" had a want-a-be band playing some fun and not so fun songs, but we didn't care... we shook it up!! We had a blast people watching.. ok hooker watching!! There was a small issue with rocks, but I won't go into that..Cherya..

Saturday morning the boys went golfing (thanks Tom) and the girls hung out by the pool. After a few poolside libations, a couple of the "cougars" spent time with David giving solid advice about school, girls, parents and God. While the rest of us enjoyed cocktails in the pool. Oh the life....
We went to dinner at the steakhouse.. DELICIOUS, I might add, and then the gang went dancing. This time the "hookers" changed.. my guess is that they have different groups and they split the weekend. All in good fun.. My camera died so there aren't any pictures from Sat. night. bummer!!! Oh well.. we had a great time. I couldn't have had a better birthday.

Thank you friends for your friendship and your laughs. Lovin you!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day /

So you may have noticed that I haven't written for a while. Well.. first my camera dropped and broke, then my back up camera disappeared. Now I have a new camera thanks to my awesome husband and awesome bro Matt. They gave it to me for my birthday (a little early). I have posted a few pictures from our Mother's Day/ party. Maybe when I find my back up camera, I will post some older pictures.
The day ROCKED!! Matt and Darren made us queens for a day. First, Chris and I did a wee bit of shopping (I sure miss OC malls), then to my fav spot Bagels N Brew to pick up some bagels and the best cucumber/dill cream cheese then home to be waited on. They made a fabulous Caribbean feast! Mango sangria's, jerk pork with avocado, fresh fruit salad, oh and for the ultimate appetizer..fresh banana fritattas - DELISH! We finished off the day with presents and the best cake in the world!! My Mother-in-Law makes THE BEST peanut butter & chocolate frosting in the world.. couple that with choc cake and Moose Tracks ice cream and yes... heaven on earth!!

The kids made special gifts for me and the cards were the BEST. That's what it is all about, right?!! I also received a bicyle!! Yipee!! The kids and I have been riding every day since. LOVE IT!!