Monday, October 12, 2009

Up to Lately...

It has been a busy week or so!! I thought that I would put it all up on one blog so I could get er done and off my "to do" list.
House of Blues, San Diego with the girls to see Ingrid Michaelson (I think she was good :) )Let's just say..pomegranite martinis - yummy going down!! Bill crashed the party, but fit in perfect!

The highly anticipated Greek Festival was next..I thought that it would be such a fabulous time with Greek food, Greek dancing, activities for the kids..not so much. I mean, all of those things happened, but not in the grandeous way I had imagined. Take a look at Tom and Darren's faces..they were not so "in to" it. Well, we know now for next year.

NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!! YIPEE!! Aunt Shell joined us for a a visit to one of our favorites.. Sea World. It was a beautiful day and a small crowd. Good time had by all!

A weekend isn't complete without soccer! Michael found his BFF Reagan. He scored 2 goals! Next Kennedy and I went to Auntie Kim's house for a VIP fashion show. A new company launch..Tween4ever. Kennedy had such a fun time drinking "champagne" & eating red velvet cupcakes. Oh and the fashion! Oh my!

We finished off the week at Nana & Papa's the celebrate Uncle Matt's birthday. What a relaxing, great day. Uncle Mark & Aunt Debbi came over too. The kids love hanging out at Nana & Papa's.. I must confess.. we do too!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our Shooting Star!

Here is our little (ok..not so little) Shooting Star, Michael. This is his first season of playing soccer and he really is having a good time. Today he scored a goal and made a save by kicking the stuff out of it and getting it away from our goal. Michael is learning a lot as well. He is good at taking direction from Coach Kristin and she likes having Mr. Quick-Speed on her team.

Just killing time until baseball season...wait.. basketball is next then baseball..ha ha! He told me that along with soccer and baseball, he wants to play water polo (doesn't understand why there isn't a team for his age yet), hockey, basketball and football (not flag).

The soccer games make me so tense! I so am ready for baseball season.