Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sunny Days are here again!

I LOVE sunny days! Don't you? I can't explain how happy it makes me to walk outside in the sunshine. The kids have been cooped up in the house lately with all the rotten rain outside and the sunshine is a welcome change. Yesterday and today the kids came home from school and went directly outside to play in the backyard - forget the homework! Let's play outside and bbq. LOVE IT!!

Today Kennedy finally hung from the swinging bar on the swingset. This is huge as she is very afraid of falling. What a proud moment for her!! Another fear conquered - check! She not only hung from it, but I convinced her to flip backwards off it. It took a little persuading and a little bitty push (literally), but she did it! Yea Kenn!!

Michael is all boy! He climbs on everything in the yard. Kicks or throws any ball or thing similar to a ball and has fun in everything he does. He tried the swinging bar, but chose to sit on top and swing. Not bad for a first timer.

This past weekend Darren bought the family a new toy. Not sure if it was for himself or the kids, none the less they are having fun with the new Wii. Michael is a natural atlete and excels at all the games (golf, baseball, bowling and tennis). I have found this new toy a great motivator to get the kids to do what I ask :)

Let's hope the rain stays in Spain and we have more beautiful days in Temecula.



Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Can't go without putting up a picture of the sweetest boy in the whole wide world (ok.. most times).

Today is day six of Michael being sick. What a trooper! Most of the time you can't tell he is even sick. He had a fever, off and on about 4 days and now he has that yucky chest cold. He isn't wanting to eat much, but can you blame him? He makes me feel so wanted because he wants me and only me to cuddle with him and not leave his side. It was tough for me last week as I had reality hit me when I had to go off to work and leave him at home sick. I know! I know! Darren was home with him, but it was my first time leaving one of my kids when they were sick. Michael probably didn't notice, but I did. I love this little boy so much.

Kennedy's 7th B.Day

I can't believe that my little "Butter" is now 7 years old! Can you? She has grown leaps and bounds since she was 6. Some really good and some not so good :)

Let's see....

Kennedy is Beautiful!

Undeniably Intelligent!

Sings like a lovely Lark!

Loves God! And "gets it"



An overall really good girl!

She does have the "attitude thing", but I guess that is expected and I'm sure that one day it will take her places. This week she says that she wants to be a singer when she grows up.

Her birthday party was all her idea and it was too fun! She had a "spa girlz" party. Complete with facials, cucumber eye treatment, mini manicure, mini pedicure and polish, they made their own sparkle lotion and shower gels. They wore white robes and read cool magizines while they waited for their nail polish to dry or while they soaked their feet. They lunched pool-side and enjoyed heart-shaped finger sandwiches and finger food. WOW! I can't even tell you all the details as I would be here forever. The 12 girls all had a blast! And most importantly, Kennedy had the "best day of her whole life".

After the "spa girlz" party, the family including Nana, Papa, Uncle Matt, Aunt Shell, Daddy, Mommy, Michael and Kennedy had fun opening gifts and having a special ceremony. Kennedy asked us to write down a prayer, secret or something cool on a balloon. We went outside and all let them go (see the pitures). What an amazing little girl we have - how creative and thought provoking. We walked down and fed the local ducks and coots at the community lake then came home and had yummy ice cream cake.

What a fun day!



I figured it out!

Cool! I figured out how to get back to our blog. Now I can share it with you, our family and friends. I don't know how entertaining it will be, but I will try to down load pictures as often as possible as I know it's the kids that you want to see and hear about.

As a matter of fact, I'll do that right now.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

First Timer

My plan for this blog is to keep family and friends updated to what our family is up to. As you know, I am not so much a "keep in touch" gal. Over the last few years, I have kinda slacked off in that department. I promised to try and keep this bog updated on a regular basis. I love you all and hope that you enjoy reading it.

Each year at Kennedy's school the parents are given the opportunity to ad to the year book with dedications, etc. so I sign up for it. Then the time comes to create it and I freak out! The picture to the left is what I came up with. I think that it turned out pretty good.