Monday, November 30, 2009

"The Marble"

So... last night when Michael was in his room for a time out, he thought that it was a good idea to put a marble in his mouth. The unfortunate part was that he accidentally swallowed it! He started crying and screaming for me to come to his room. When I arrived he told me that he had swallowed a marble. He pointed to his throat and I saw said marble poking out of his windpipe. My first thought was..ok he is breathing. Then I called 911 to ask them what to do. by the time the paramedics and fire dept showed up, the marble was no longer appeared in his throat. They checked him out and suggested xrays. I didn't want to go to the ER and sit in there for 5 hours with sick people around. Fortunately, I spoke with the Dr on the phone and she said she agreed and since he was acting fine, it was ok to go to her office in the morning for xrays.
Lucky boy he got ice cream for dinner!!
We just got back from the Dr and got xrays. Above is Michael's stomach with the marble just hanging out in it. All is good! Praise God!! This could have gone really bad. Now we just wait.. and I get the unlucky job of searching for it..if you know what I mean. Michael is at school with a story and pudding for a snack. How he went almost 5.5 years without a foreign object in his mouth and decided last night was a good night for it is beyond me.
Oh the Joys of Motherhood!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

For Uncle Matt...

Quit your whining Uncle Matt! Here.. I updated the blog.
Thanks for hanging out with us this weekend. You are the BEST!
We love you!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumkin Patch & Halloween 2009

Another fun year at the pumpkin patch in wine country. A day filled with a tractor ride, corn maze, pony rides, petting zoo and the crazy pig races. Nana & Papa joined us for the fun fall tradition.

Kennedy Rose aka "Princess Gwendalyn" and Michael aka "Army Man" were so excited to get into their costumes. Princess Gwendalyn lived up to her royal part. Getting her to smile in pictures was a chore as she believed that Princesses don't smile. Army Man Michael loved jumping around and rolling in the grass.

This year we broke tradition. Instead of trick or treating in our old neighborhood with our old friends then heading over to the church for the carnival, we separated and conquered other activities. Kennedy and I headed over to her BFF Randalyn's house for their annual Halloween Party and Michael and Darren headed over to Cleveland's birthday party.

Kennedy had so much fun hanging out with Randalyn and the girls and trick or treating with them. She especially loved ordering everyone around like a princess does. I had fun visiting with friends and the best part.. finding out if Jackie (Randalyn's Mom) was having a boy or girl. The girls broke open the pinata to find that a little girl was to be born in April. So excited for them. Michael had fun at the birthday party. They started the night at a gigantic corn maze (Michael didn't like it.. tooooo BIG). Then they went trick or treating and then back to the house for crafts, science experiments and carmel apples. Although they had a great time at their respective parties, we are sticking together next year.