Friday, January 30, 2009

Go Lions!!

Tonight Kennedy and some of her classmates cheered during the Linfield High School JV Basketball game. They were the half-time show! This is Kennedy's third year participating in the week long cheer camp and performance at school. Although her nerves were trying to get the best of her, she ROCKED IT!! Her smile from the second she came on the court was huge! She cheered and jumped like she was a "real" cheerleader. They performed a cheer and a song leading routine ( I took pictures, but they didn't come out). She had such fun!

It's the beginning of a really fun weekend for Kennedy. Tonight the game, tomorrow ice skating with Brownies and Sunday a big Super Bowl party (60 kids) at her BFF Randalyn's Aunt's home. There is all types of entertainment for the kids as well at for us grown-ups. Can't wait!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Ohhh The Life of Michael

Do you ever wish that you were a kid again and just about everything in your life is easy, fun & good? I do. This post is dedicated to my favorite little 4 year old boy, Michael. He had such a fun week of doing fun stuff and enjoying life.

Michael has been bugging me to make chicken pizza for dinner. We are talkin' "BUGGING ME"!! He had it at a birthday party a month back and has been wanting it ever since. So I went on-line and found a recipe for said pizza and HE made it. He grated the cheese, He spread the "secret" sauce, put the toppings on and "viola" chicken pizza!! Unfortunately, He was the only one who didn't like it. Too funny!! I told him that we would try it again with another recipe, since He is now a pizza chef. He had so much fun making it HIS own and was so proud of himself.

Three days this week we took advantage of the summer-like weather and hung out at the heated clubhouse pool. This, you may know, is one of his most favorite things to do - SWIM!! It took him about 30 seconds to remember all his pool tricks and dives. Michael is an amazing swimmer. He had such fun!!

Today was a first for my baby boy. Daddy took him golfing - 18 holes of golfing. Michael was so stinking excited when Darren told him that he would take him golfing on the "real course" that he wouldn't stop asking Darren if it was time to go yet - cute the first 100 times, but the last 100 was a bit much!! Michael has gone to the range to hit balls and the practice putting green as well. But for him this was AWESOME!! I met them at one of the holes and took a few pictures then they were off to finish off the round. He made all 18 holes! No complaints! Not bored! LOVED IT!

Again, don't you sometimes wish you were a kid again. No phone calls, no meetings, no thinking about what to make for dinner!!
God Bless!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years 2009

Darren, the kids and I spent New Years Eve with our friends at the Cavanaugh's. We had a slumber party! Noone got out of hand, not sure why since we were staying the night. mostly played Wii where the kids kicked the adults booty!
The kids made it past midnight and then some. Here they are at the countdown...
Kennedy stayed up until after 3 with "the girls" giggling the whole time. Finally, Bill stepped in and made them turn off the light and go to sleep.

Michael and Chandler slept in sleeping bags in the hallway because the girls wouldn't let them in to their room.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas and then some..

Twas the night before Christmas.. and the family gathered for a feast and traditions. We started with tamales and then Papa read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and "The Manger Story" and finally the kids preparing a snack for Santa, his reindeer and Santa Mouse. The kids went to bed and the "elves" Darren, Matt, Papa and Casey did their thing (Can't include photos..wink wink).

We woke up to presents galore! A couple highlights of the day were Rock Band and Air Hockey.
19 people showed up later for a big family and friends dinner. Good times had by all!

The next day we headed out to Redondo Beach to The Carapellottis for more family & friends fun! The weather was beautiful and the company just right! Our favorite Italian Chef, Larry prepared our favorite raviolis & meatballs and we drank wine, hung out and talked. Lisa, Beau and the girlies, GiGi and Kylie were there. Love them!! Dan brought his new girlfriend, Alyson from the East Coast and it was a fun time. The kids played and played.. of course, Auntie Cathy spoiled them rotten including a massive bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub.
The Rodda clan spent the night, ate a yummy pancake breakfast and headed out to the pier to meet up with the Lazars for some afternoon ice skating sea side. Are we Californian's lucky or what?!! Ice skating at the beach!!! Kennedy rocked the ice while the rest of the crew did their best to stay upwards. Darren, Matt and Papa joined all the kids on the ice. Michael got a little (okay a lot) mad because it didn't come to him in the first 30 seconds of being on the ice. I convinced him to stick it out and take a group lesson. He ended up skating just fine and having fun. We ended the day at Ruby's Diner and even sang Lisa the birthday song.
I know that I say it often, but we are truly blessed with awesome family and friends.