Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm outta touch..someone help me!!

So what's up with this whole FaceBook thing? I am trying to be cool and get on board, but there are so many options and too many things to do. I just don't get it! Is this a sign of getting old? I just don't get the big deal. What's wrong with good old fashion email? blogging?
If you are cooler than I and know something about FaceBook and would would like to be my tutor, please let me know (via good ol email or blogg).

Might be going to Kennedy's high school football game tonight. It's fun for the kids! They run around, hang out with friends and copy the cheerleaders. GO LIONS!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The River

This was the first time that the kids had never been on a speed boat, sea doo, tube or anything of that nature. They are addicted!!

We went to the river with our friends The Rings. Our families have known each other since we moved to Temecula. In fact, they were our next door neighbors. We are like family. Kennedy and Cleveland are a year apart and Michael and Reagan are months apart. They get along famously!! Theresa, Barry and her parents Walt and Sharon are all so easy and fun to hang out with.
The days were spent jet skiing, tubing (3 man) and boating. The nights were spent laughing and playing cards; oh and the kids put on a play (I wonder whose idea that was?).
Kennedy has found her passion.... speed!! She did not want to stop jet skiing and tubing and we couldn't go fast enough for her (Michael too). We are all still so shocked and impressed that Kennedy took to it so much. The kids bounced around like they were popcorn in the tube and laughed the whole time. Kennedy and Michael kept giving the "thumbs up" signal to go faster. Both D and I tried the tube and let me tell you.. I had to hold on for dear life! or I would have bounced out of the tube (like Barry did).

We are so blessed to have such awesome friends like The Rings. The kids can't wait to go again and don't understand why we have to wait until next July to go.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 3

Day 3 of school and Michael missed it. Last night he started with a cold and by 11:30 he had a croupy cough and was crying and crying saying that he hurt all over especially his eyes. I kept him home today and we played cards and watched the tube. He seems ok today (compared to last night) but he still has the nose thing and his chest is kinda full. He isn't complaining of pain or anything like that. His appetite is insatiable - growing again?? Because of him staying home, I missed the funeral that I was going to help out with. My counter part was so sweet and said that being a Mom comes first. That made me smile - YES it does. I question staying home sometimes, mostly when the bills come in the mail or the phone rings with an unknown number, but on days like today I am reminded how important I am to my kids. It really is worth it in the end. Who needs vacations, date nights, cute clothes and new Ugg boots anyway? ok me.. but I'm willing to wait.

Kennedy is having a blast being back at school. She LOVES her teacher and LOVES playing with her friends. No homework this week, but next week watch out! She was selected to give the first oral report - autobiography; visual arts and a speech - yipee! NOT! She has a playdate tomorrow with her friend, Elle at her house - SO EXCITED! She has never had a playdate with her before. Great girl and super parents!! She has known her since K.

My carpel tunnel syndrome is back with a vengeance. Typing hurts as does pretty much everything (putting on mascara is a joke). I have tried wearing my brace, taking it somewhat easy (not so easy to do as I am right handed) and taking Motrin (not a big fan of pills) and it is getting worse. I finally called the orthopedic today and made an appt. for next week. Don't know how long I can hold on to my sanity - it hurts like a ... a lot! Hopefully since it has been two years since I have seen him he will give me cortisone injections. Last time he said no more injections - surgery is the answer. Don't want it!! I looked into acupuncture, but it is not covered on our insurance - bummer!!

As for God, His way is perfect. All the Lord's promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection. Psalm 18:30

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Go Yankees! Did I just say that??

Yes, it's true, I am a Yankee fan......

Oh come on now, if you know me there has to be a catch. Michael is in fall baseball and thanks to his coach (Darren) they are the Yankees!!! I told Michael that this is the only time that I will be cheering for the stinkin Yankees.

Yesterday was the first practice and Darren and the boys did a GREAT job! If the goal was to #1 HAVE FUN and #2 learn a bit of baseball then SUCCESS. Sorry but I was too busy chatting with the parents and trying to figure out the snack schedule to take pictures at the practice. You should have seen the kids all diving for the ball - can you say "dog pile". Super cute!!

It Started! It Started!! YEA!

I'm so happy! Oh so happy! That school has begun!! I could almost sing! Kennedy started 2nd grade and Michael started Pre-K. They both totally love it - yipee!! No separation issues here.
So are you wondering about Kennedy's hair? DON'T GO THERE!! It loosened up by the time the final bell rang - Thank you God! She LOVES it that way - curly that is. Kennedy's class had 5 new students, most of them girls. The other 2nd grade class had 5 new kids as well. Pretty cool, especially given the financial conditions of most of us right now. I was told that cut backs in public schools are making parents make choices, fortunately, parents are making good ones on behalf of their kids education. Michael started a new preschool this year (the same one Kennedy went to for pre K) made buds with another boy with longish hair named Grayson. He seems like a sweet boy. Today at drop off, Michael totally ditched me when he saw Grayson. Ok bye. His highlight of the day today was that they let him play basketball at recess. This is a big deal as he has been talking about playing b.ball since he first toured the campus.

Yesterday I met up with Jenn, Tamara and a couple other ladies to prepare for our upcoming bible study at church. We are on the leadership team. This study is going to be really cool and it's geared towards Moms. A little different from MOPS - no crafts, etc.

I volunteered at church to be part of a committee ( ok only 2 of us) to help coordinate small weddings, funerals, parties, etc. Tomorrow is my first funeral. Hopefully all goes well.

We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Eph 2:10