Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The yearly trip to Sea World for Summer Night fun was so fun. We went with the Rings and the kids went wild, especially Michael and Reagan (as usual.. those two are trouble in River City!) Kennedy and Cleveland were "too cool" for the rest of us..LOL

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Kennedy's first sleep over camp with Girl Scouts. It lasted 5 days in the mountians of Idllwild (sp?). The girls had so much fun!! Kennedy tried new things like archery and fencing. She hung out with her buddies, especially her BFFL Randalyn. She ate what she was given (shocker) and made new friends. The girls were so silly.. I have lots of fun pictures that Kennedy and Randalyn took. I am proud of her and how independant that she has become.









Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Fun Week

Super fun, busy week. Kennedy decided that she wanted to make dinner for the family. She created the recipe from scratch, we went grocery shopping, and she prepared the meal (with a little chopping help and oven help)tada Pasta with red sauce with red & green peppers, olives, garlic, S & P and a secret ingredient. We had garlic bread and salad too. It was delicious!! She wants to make meatballs too so I told her to talk with Uncle Larry about that. BTW- Kennedy has been afraid of the stove/flame so this was a big deal.

Next stop.. the beach with an old friend from No. CA. Gina, Wyatt (3), Kennedy, Michael and I headed to the Oceanside Harbor for a day at the beach. I think this may be our spot for now on. Parking - check, bathrooms - check, little store & playground - bonus check, and the best part is that the water is shallow for a long way. This is perfect for our little swimmers and boogie boarders. Michael was loving the boogie board again. He spent most of the day in the water. Kennedy worked on her tan and Gina & I tried to catch up and watch the kids at the same time. Not so easy a task, but it was fun none-the-less. It was Wyatt's first time playing in the water. He was fearless!

The last stop.. The Angels -vs- Yankees game on Friday night. I don't know who was more excited.. Darren or Michael! They went to the game with friends from Michael's baseball team (Asst. Coach - Chris and son Tristan). They donned their Yankee garb, ball and gloves and made it in time for batting practice. Of course the stadium was packed so they didn't get as close as they had hoped, but overall had an awesome time, despite the Halo Victory of 10-6. Darren said that Michael was so "into" the game. Watching every play and making comments. There were some Yankee fans around where they were sitting and they kept high 5 ing Michael. Great Father/Son moments were had.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael Time

This week while Kennedy was away at camp it was "Michael Time". We hada fun filled week..Monday after we dropped Kennedy off we stopped at Circle K and picked up junk food for the ride home and went swimming. Dinner was outside per Michael's request. Tuesday we went to the movies, came home and had friends over for more swimming. Wednesday we went to Sea World (Thank you Auntie Cathy and Uncle Larry) for the first time this summer. We had such a great time. We saw all the shows and exhibits that HE wanted.

Today (Thursday) we went to the beach with our great friends, The Cavanaughs. It was overcast and kinda chilly, but that didn't stop Michael. As soon as our towels hit the beach, he hit the water. He has grown up so much since last summer. Before he loved the water but was a little hesitant.

Today, he jumped right in and went out farther then he ever has. He had so much fun playing in the waves. His smiles lit up the cloudy day.

After about 10 minutes he ran up to our stuff, grabbed his Boogie Board and without hesitation, flew into the water with it. I gave him a bit of instruction to turn it around and kick when the wave came...he was hooked. Check out the pictures and his face.. pure joy!!

We played football and soccer too. Perfect day for my boy.
I am so proud of him.

BTW- his behavior this week has been OUTSTANDING!! The dream child!!