Thursday, April 24, 2008


My friend, Cynthia, is very sick and I can't stop thinking about her. Cynthia was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and it has spread like wild fire to her bones (stage 4). She is at home (for the moment) living the last page of her life with her young kids Alex and Sammy. This picture is from about 5-6 months ago in Newport Beach where the girls all got together for what we all knew was our last hurrah. It breaks my heart so much that she will be gone. We all met about 7 years ago when we all moved to a little town called Temecula and were stay at home Moms. We joined Mom's Club and were put into a playgroup together. Literally were were told by everyone in Mom's Club how fortunate we were to have such an amazing playgroup. We were all different and we liked it that way. Through thick or thin we stuck together. Some have moved, some starting working, some still meet for coffee regularly, but we all have this amazing bond.

I just needed to share Cynthia with you tonight as I am thinking about her right now. I love her! She is so darn funny, so charming, so strong, so willing to help anyone anytime. It's heartbreaking.

A Girls Weekend to Remember!

This past weekend my friends and I headed up the mountain to Twin Peaks for a weekend of fellowship. WOW! It was by far one of the best times I have had in a long time.
The retreat was sponsored by my church and most of the 165+ women there were familar faces as they were from my church, MOPS, neighbors, MOMS club, Kennedy & Michael's schools and great girlfriends. The gaggle of girls above were my roommates and we had an amazing time sharing our lives (past and present), how God is touching our lives and much more. The speaker was awesome!! She touched us all with her no-nonsense, funny Texan way and with the truth of how God wants us to come to him and to be obedient. There was much, much more, but I would be here all night telling you.
I asked God for his guidence in something that I am struggling with and He answered me so flat out.. I pretty much freaked out and cried time after time that weekend. GOD ROCKS! I might not want to do as I am told, but I am going to work on it. Were talking crystal clear!!
I made new friends, who are amazing and connected with old friends that weekend and I am grateful to have gone.
The foxy ladies in the foursome above are the most amazing ladies I know. Strong, loving, giving, and an awesome shoulder to cry on and laugh with. I consider them to be my best friends. Kimi and Laurel are missing from the picture as they were in a hurry to get home... why?? laundry maybe :) I am missing from the group picture as I was... well... you know me... talking with some friends that I had met and my group had to get going. Oh well, maybe next year. The last picture is with Jenn, WOW! what can I say but she is a beautiful person! Love this girl!! Need this girl!!
Lastly, if you happen to have your Bible handy, check out 1 John 2:15 - that's what I am working on. We have had such a lousy year or so and I have to (as my Mother in Law so perfectly puts it) "Get over it"! With God's help, I can. Keep the faith.
Love, Kerry

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let's go Fly-a-Kite

More fun on spring break was flying a kite.

Kennedy had been bugging us to take her out and fly it, but of course, we always found something else to do. Maybe sometimes us grown ups forget how much fun the we had when we were kids doing such simple things. Another first for the kids (well, the first time the kite actually made it off the ground). I (we) are ready to do it again sometime soon. The kids loved the challenge of keeping it in the air. Michael especially loved running with it and making it fly up and soar down.

I love family fun day!

A Little Personality

Just a couple of shots of the kids from yesterday. This is the real K & M! Full of fun and vinegar all wrapped up in to a couple of cute kids. Last night Kennedy had her spring program at school. It was called "Splash Kingdom" and it was so fun. It was about how you can only enter the Kingdom of Heaven thru Jesus, our Heavenly Father and how one might go about doing that.

The "splash" part was referring to a water park type thing and the kids wore board shorts, bermudas, tanks, rash guards and sun glasses. The kids sang their hearts out and had so much fun along the way.

As always, Nana & Papa and Aunt Shell were there for support and to cheer and wave.

The Big 3-7!

Happy Birthday Big Guy!

Darren turned 37 on April 7th and of course we had to celebrate. Mom, Dad, Matt, Aunt Shell, Uncle Ed, Andrew (Brian was sleeping), and of course the Shabros came over to help celebrate. We BBQd and the kids (including the big boys) went swimming - Crazy people.... haven't you heard that it's freezing in that water!!

Michael's 1st Sleepover

Michael always wants to join in the sleepover fun so we thought why not let him have a sleepover too. Kennedy invited Shianne and Michael invited her brother, Brenden. The kids belong to our great friends Jay & Heather.

We had fun eating ice cream sundaes, but the real fun came when Mom squirted the whipped cream into their mouths.

They boys played boy things and the girls played make believe. Shianne and Kennedy are so much alike. they just love playing pretend and making up plays. The boys stayed up as late as they possibly could trying to keep up with the girls.

The next day they picked lemons off of the tree, had a lemon sale (not to be confused with a lemonade stand) and sold them to passing golfers. The next evening Michael and Kennedy made homemade lemonade with the leftover lemons.

1st Fish!

Spring Break - Lake Skinner - They both caught their first fish!!

Darren took us to a special "secret" spot at Lake Skinner, way back in a cove. It was was an amazingly beautiful day. Just the perfect amount of breeze to keep the heat away. On our way to the spot I realized that I had left our camera in the car. Darren said that once he got us all set up with poles in the water, he would trek back to the car and get the camera. Sounded good to me.. the only problem was that withing 5 minutes of putting his pole in the water, Michael caught his first fish!! And I didn't have the camera with me. RATS!!!!! Never fear, Darren set up Michael's pole again and made a fast dash to the car for the camera. We weren't going to miss the next one!!

About and hour and many casts later, Kennedy reeled in her first fish!! And I with camera in hand captured it. Both caught a rainbow trout - no we didn't take it home to eat it. We gave one away and the other hopefully made it back to swim another day.

Great Day!!